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Keys to Landing a Paid Board Position

Keys to Landing a Paid Board Position

Learn from experts what skills, attributes, and experiences organizations and recruiters are looking for in their future board members. 

Structure a Virtual Presentation

Structuring a Successful Virtual Event

Learn strategies on how to strengthen your virtual presence, and tech tips on making more dynamic and engaging presentations.

The Power of Intention Setting CAP STRAT Womens Forum

The Power of Intention Setting

Learn how to create and to stay grounded in our intentions. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to re-adjust (or…

Money, Power and Purpose

Money, Power and Purpose

Why is it hard to talk about money? What do we have to get right today? What is your money…

Win at Ocean

Positive Thoughts. Positive Life.

We have the power to create physical and mental wellbeing and a long, fulfilling life.  That’s why it’s essential we…

Get Empowered at CAP STRAT Women's Forum event

Overcoming Life-changing Obstacles

The conversation highlighted the importance of moving forward and standing tall even through tragedy and why having a tribe is…

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