The Recharge | A Champion Negotiator for Women

Women should always be ready to negotiate for a promotion, in order to design and negotiate a living and achieve financial Independence. Most women, especially those who have reached the top, often forget the paths they need to negotiate or are uncomfortable doing so.
Our guest shows you how.

She is a pioneer and champion for women in the legal profession. She is consistently recognized as a top business leader, super lawyer, and notable attorney. She has served as the past president of both the American Bar and Chicago Bar associations.  

Our guest is Laurel Bellows, an internationally recognized attorney, sought-after speaker, and an incredible role model for many.  Watch her TEDx to see her powerful presentation on human trafficking and her work to combat it.

In 2009, Laurel founded the Bellows Law Group where she counsels, negotiates, and litigates on behalf of Senior Executives, corporations, and many other clients. Her expertise is in all employment matters, global business conduct standards, anti-trafficking, supply chain, and recruiting policies. 

She’s previously shared with our Women’s Forum community two really outstanding programs:  Negotiating Executive Compensation and The Art and Brain Science of Negotiation. By the way, these are the most frequently watched programs on our Women’s Forum website. 

Women need to be courageous, find their voice, and be prepared and courageous to effect change. It’s not about the right now- it’s about changing the world one piece at a time and having that piece grow.

Her great negotiating tip – Imagine going into a negotiation with two really big, fierce (imaginary) dogs that sit quietly as long as things are going well. They stand up and growl when things are not going in the right direction! Jump in and figure out what is needed, get it done, and do not worry about how it will be received. Think of the Nike slogan – “Just do it” with conviction and confidence.

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Barbara Best

Barbara Best, AIF® is a Founder and Principal of CAP STRAT, and Founder of the CAP STRAT Women's Forum


Nancy is a Principal and founding partner of CAP STRAT, and Founder of the CAP STRAT Women's Forum

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