Identify and Prioritize Healthier Choices

“Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.”
– Michelle Obama

We are pleased to share this recap and recording from our June 2022 Women’s Forum program: Identify and Prioritize Healthier Choices. We are grateful to Dr. Gina Sirchio-Lotus, Certified Clinical Nutritionist for leading this program. Gina shared her experiences in working directly with women and how she helps them determine what is a healthy choice for each one individually and why it’s essential that we focus on our well-being before others.

Many women these days are functioning at burnout and an energy level that is neither healthy nor sustainable. And we’ve known for decades that women naturally put others first: family, friends, colleagues, our communities, etc. But what if we put ourselves first and pivot to own, identify and prioritize healthier choices for our own well-being? Choosing US first is not doing a disservice to others in our lives, it is in fact a service and of immense value to everyone around us!

Discovering which priority matters most daily and taking action to make real-life changes to support our chosen priorities will give value back to our personal lives. But, how do we decide which plates to spin and which to put down? Here are a few ideas Gina discussed.

How to Identify and Prioritize Healthier Choices

    1. Wipe the slate clean each morning and forge and follow your own path for the day. Release all expectations of yourself and appreciate that you are a human being, not a human doing. Grace comes in many forms including focusing on the priorities that are most meaningful to you and the ones you want to focus on that day.
    2. Check your mindset. Before making a choice check in with how you are feeling. Pause for a moment of self-reflection and ask is this an intentional choice that will lead you closer to well-being and sustainable health – mentally, physically, and emotionally? Or, is this choice a stop-gap and an impulsive choice that will negatively impact your own well-being?
    3. Moving Meditation. Like traditional meditation, moving meditation can also provide a path to contemplation, to clarity. It is a way of calming the mind and creating awareness for yourself.

    Each morning, take five minutes to write down your top priorities – then move. Go for a walk around the block, take the dog out and leave the Airpods home, dance to one song without the lyrics, and do a short yoga practice. While moving, think about those priorities. When you are finished moving, scratch all but the top 5 tasks that came to you while moving.

    This is where you begin.

    About Our Speaker

    Gina Sirchio-Lotus is a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Founder of LG Institute of Health, Ltd. Ever fascinated by science and human experience, Dr. Sirchio-Lotus has spent her career in the field of Functional Medicine and Ortho-Molecular Nutrition. She specializes in both preventative medicines, as well the complex cases of patients struggling with the symptoms of overlapping autoimmune conditions. Her post-graduate studies have focused on helping patients with endocrine disorders, infertility, sports performance and recovery, post-surgical healing, and chronic illness.

    Dr. Sirchio-Lotus is also the developer of The Women’s Health Series, an accredited postgraduate series that is interdisciplinary and serves to better educate doctors on up-to-date information and clinical treatments for all aspects of women’s health.

    She is the mother of four, wife, women’s health advocate and like most women, working to create greater harmony for herself and others.

    To follow and learn more: Gina is excited to share solid, usable, free health ideas and information with the community. You can find and follow her on Instagram @womenshealthseries.

Please let us know if you would like to have a conversation with us. Email the CAP STRAT Women’s Forum with any questions at! Or call us at 630.320.5100.

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