The Recharge | From the Tennis Court to the Corner Office: How Tennis Prepared Her for Life

Our guest talks to us about mindset, determination, and overcoming anything if you learn to be uncomfortable.

Our guest is a transformational leader in the energy industry, an accomplished executive attorney, and a board member with over 33 years of experience. She’s the Vice President of External Affairs and Economic Development for Florida Power and Light, a division of NextEra Energy (the world’s largest producer of wind and solar energy). She is a champion of women in all industries and she’s influential in Florida’s economic growth and development.

Our guest is Pam Rauch, who leads through her actions, has a steadfast work ethic, believes in taking educated risks, and empowers her team and others to reach their highest potential.

“My father said,  you can be a big, big fish in a little pond, or a little fish in a big pond. What do you wanna be? And kind of kiddingly I said, why can’t I be both? Why can’t I be a big fish and a big pond?” – Pam Rauch

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Barbara Best

Barbara Best, AIF® is a Founder and Principal of CAP STRAT, and Founder of the CAP STRAT Women's Forum


Nancy is a Principal and founding partner of CAP STRAT, and Founder of the CAP STRAT Women's Forum

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