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The Recharge | Why the Truth is Worth the Risk

Her focus has always been on truthful communication in all media. She finds that being truthful gives people the power of their own voice. It helps them realize that telling the truth in a way that is not hurtful is actually healing and altruistic. It is not just about you, it is about other people.

At the tender age of 10, she started writing and selling a monthly newsletter for her neighborhood. At 13, she moved on to writing articles for a local newspaper for $25 per article. These humble beginnings led her to jobs in newsrooms, magazines, and newspapers in Chicago and Dallas before she transitioned into academics at Northwestern University. There she has spent the last 18 years teaching journalism at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Our guest is Michele Weldon, an award-winning author, journalist, editor, and keynote speaker.

She’s authored several nonfiction books and is a sought-after public, Keynote & TED speaker. She’s led initiatives at top universities like Stanford, Princeton, Brown, Northwestern, and Cambridge as well as in dozens of organizations globally, including The Center for Global Solutions. Since 2011, she’s been a senior leader with the Op-ed Project, focusing on elevating the ideas and knowledge of underrepresented expert voices, including women.

Her work accelerates solutions to the world’s biggest problems through a diversity of voices, expertise, experience, and identity.

“When you tell the truth, in an artful way, you don’t stand on top of a mountain screaming or using vulgar language, or be revengeful about it. But when you thoughtfully produce an artful piece of truth, then that resonates with people and it can save lives.” – Michele Weldon

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