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Ask yourself, what would you do with more time? Would you spend it with family, create that business plan, record a podcast, volunteer more or take those Yoga classes?

We’re delighted to share the recap from CAP STRAT Women’s Forum May event, Productive Power: Successfully Managing the Precious 168 Hours of Your Week. Many thanks to our extraordinary guest speaker and Productivity Strategist, Christina Lambert, for sharing some helpful strategies to leverage technology and be more efficient and effective in the office so that we can focus on what matters!

And, thanks to all of you who joined us again, OR for the first time! Together, we grossed almost $4,000 to support, First Book and KPMG’s Family for Literacy (KFFL). It is remarkable what a room full of empowered and productive women can do!


  1. Identify Goals: Ask yourself, what would you do with more time? Would you spend it with family, create that business plan, record a podcast, volunteer more or take those Yoga classes?
  2. Control Communication: If you’re overwhelmed with email, implement rules to reduce volume and eliminate interruptions. Unsubscribe or turn off notifications to avoid being distracted and automatically remove non-urgent emails from your inbox or send them to a “read later” folder. Also, think before you text.
  3. Manage Activity: Create an online to-do list and identify items you would like to complete today, this week and this month. Consider a backlog for those items that are non-urgent. And, leave your email address on your voicemail greeting to avoid phone tag.
  4. Organize Data: Consider using Microsoft OneNote and implement a logical folder structure for quick retrieval of documents, managing emails, and organizing files.
  5. Streamline Workflow: Save time by eliminating repetitive tasks or emails you send through the use of Quick Steps. See Christina’s best practices and key principles for ideas and suggestions.
  6. Results: Approximately how much time can you save by implementing these strategies? On average, 70 minutes can be added to your day, that’s 8 hours per week! And, here is how some of you plan to spend that time!

CAP STRAT Women's Forum Get Empowered Blog Managing


  • Researcher Shawn Achor reveals that the brain at positive is 31% more productive than at neutral, negative or stressed.
  • Develop a morning routine. Consider thinking of three gratitudes upon waking, meditate, recite daily affirmations, practice random acts of kindness and exercise.
  • Prioritize: Focus on what matters most v. what’s easy! Say NO so you can say YES to things that are important to YOU.
  • Take ownership of your time and don’t let others determine your priorities. Someone else’s lack of planning shouldn’t become a priority of yours.
  • Move work around to support your personal priorities. Work when, where and how you need to: e.g., arrive later/leave earlier, work remotely, take calls while on a walk, webcasts while working out.
  • Hold yourself to a standard of grace, not perfection: when you let go, you create space for better things to enter your life.
  • Set healthy boundaries with work and technology. Managing a healthy balance is key!


Christina suggests reading: Time, Talent, Energy: Overcome Organizational Drag and Unleash Your Team’s Productive Power

Article: Harvard Business Review article, How to Spend Way Less Time on Email Every Day

TED Talk: Shawn Achor, The Happy Secret to Better Work

Meditation Apps: Headspace, Insight Timer

Podcasts: Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Newsletters: Maria Shriver- The Sunday Paper, Daily Om

Until next time, be well, and remember: Replace the myth of Work-Life Balance with Work-Life Harmony.


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